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Why study in Malaysia?

Quality Education

  • Degree endorsed by Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia
  • Obtain degrees from UK, US and Australian Universities


  • Gain international recognized qualifications at lower rates
  • Lower living expenses

Variety of Courses

  • Choose from hundreds of courses from various universities
  • Enroll for Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Masters, Phd programmes

Rich Experience & Lifestyle

  • Multicultural society, food paradise, tourist hotspots

Simple, Fast & Easy

  • Safe from major natural disasters, lower crime rate

Benefits of using UPX!

Simple, Fast & Easy

  • Apply online DIRECTLY to the universities.
  • Only 4 simple steps for application.

Cost Effective. Save Money.

  • NO agent fees.
  • FREE applications. Most universities waive their application fees if applied through UPX.
  • Submit your documents totally online. No need to spend money on mail and courier services.

Reliable & Informative

  • Information directly from universities.
  • Latest updates of courses from universities.


  • Accessible everyday, anytime, anywhere.


  • UPX uses SLL encryption to secure your data.
  • UPX respects the privacy of your data. This is why UPX works with one of the world's leading online privacy trustee.
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